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Sometimes packing for a trip can be tricky... especially when you wait until the very last second to get your looks in me!

My fiance and I decided to do Vegas for a joint bachelor/bachelorette trip. It's only a two-day trip, short and sweet. Honestly, I don't think I could do Vegas any longer than 2 days. If you've never been... its a lot of drinking and late nights and my body can't keep up!

Anyways, back to packing. Here's a list of things you absolutely must bring to survive a two day Vegas trip!

1. boob tape (never go anywhere without this!)

2. lashes and glue

3. shoe squishy not sure what they're actually called but thats what I've named them!

5. small purse, (thats not annoying to zip and unzip!)

6. disposable camera (cause its fun)

7. a pair of platform shoes that are easier to walk in. Just in case the heels are killing you. My faves here.

Hopefully, this makes your packing a bit easier!!

Have fun!



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