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This past year has been so amazing, I've absolutely LOVED being engaged! I feel like I've spent so much of my time just trying to live in the moment, and enjoying being engaged that I almost forgot to start planning the wedding! Luckily, I have a BIG announcement thats going to help me get a jumpstart on planning. And.. you will all get to help me plan it!

Riker and I are going to be BRIDES Live Wedding Couple this year!!!

I'm absolutely freaking out! It still doesn't feel real. For those of you who don't know what BRIDES Live Wedding is... Basically, you'll be able to help me plan my wedding, every step of the way. I'm going to take you through my entire planning process and you will be able to vote on things from my wedding dress to the color scheme and everything in between.

I'm also excited to announce that with the help from BRIDES and our wedding planner extraordinaire, Brooke Keegan we will be getting married at The Montage Deer Valley in September. At first, Riker and I were having a hard time figuring out where we wanted to get married. We both loved the idea of doing it in the Colorado mountains, but we also wanted it to be easy for all of our friends in LA... So, we played with the idea of doing it in California, but then... We ran into the same issue with trying to make it easy for our Colorado family, so... Utah was the perfect in-between!

The Montage Deer Valley is absolutely stunning. I love how the mountains feel like home. PLUS, it's so close to LA and Denver, almost everyone invited can drive!

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity. I'm thrilled to start the planning process with you, so make sure to go over to @brides Instagram to follow along and help me get this wedding planned... September is ONLY 4 months away and we have a LOT to do!!



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