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Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays...whether I was in a relationship, or not. It's always been a great time to show the people that you love how you feel!

Let's normalize celebrating ALL of our loved ones, friends, family, and self included.

Here's a little Valentine's Day Inspo book I created to inspire you on how to spread the love and still stay safe at home this coming Vday <3

FOR YOU- An at home facial, a silk pillow sheet, a Volare Suede candle, and your favorite takeout!

FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND- Flowers, his or her favorite wine, a Netflix Party night, and of course a Volare candles ;)

FOR THE FAM- Their favorite wine, a Virtual dinner ( plan ahead what you're going to make and do it together over zoom) , flowers, and again you can't go wrong with a candle from Volare!

Now, If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband... I'm sure you already have a plan but, if you don't, any of the ideas above work, as well!

I hope you all have a beautiful Valentine's Day! You are loved!



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