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A list of 50 things that make me happy:

1. Waking up to the smell of coffee

2. Ice water on a hot day

3. The smell of my favorite candle

4. Long showers

5. Watching the sunset

6. Rolling the windows down

7. My favorite face mask

8. Fresh flowers from the market

9. A new sketch book

10. Cutting fruit with a sharp knife

11. A new playlist

12. "I'm thinking of you" texts

13. A freshly baked croissant

14. The smell of freshly cut grass

15. A good hard where your abs hurt after

16. Dancing in the living room

17. Wine and chocolate

18. Softest blankets

19. Puppy cuddles

20. Baking with someone you love

21. Late night workouts

22. A new hair cut

23. The smell of the air after it rains

24. Making new friends

25. Old friends that feel like family

26. Finding old journals

27. The feeling after you meditate

28. The sound of nature in the mountains

29. Mom's home cooking

30. A good hug

31. Playing with new makeup

32. Painting with my fingers

33. Watching the waves roll in from the ocean

34. Bacon

35. Daydreams

36. Basking in the sun

37. Cuddling

38. A new book

39. Buttering a piece of toast

40. Gazing at the moon and the stars

41. The feeling after a good cry

42. Witnessing a stranger doing something nice

43. Washing my face in the morning

44. Sunbathing

45. Showering after a long day at the beach

46. Sun naps

47. Movie days

48. Holding a sleeping baby

49. Drinking a pina colada by the ocean

50. Feeling loved by the ones that you love

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