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There are so many people that are going through a lot right now. At times, it feels very hard to look at the positive side of things. As someone who deals with anxiety and over-thinking, the only thing that can get me back to a good head space is meditating and writing down what good I think will come of this situation. Trying to outweigh the negative thoughts with a little positivity.

So I ask myself... What are we going to take from this?

Here are a few thoughts I wrote down...

This is such a reminder of all the things that matter the most.

I’m living my life way more mindfully, by meditating and breathing through all of my issues. Being forced to sit with my emotions has also forced me to grow.

This extra time I have had with my family, I’m going to cherish forever. We've been talking more and playing games every night. Sharing our lives with each other and laughing together daily.

Going on walks, we see children playing, instead of sitting on their phones. Drawing with chalk outside and learning to be creative. Discovering the world for themselves. The way we used to, when we were kids, instead of watching it on a screen.

Many people are realizing that the amount of time it takes for them to finish work, is a lot shorter than what we've been doing. We don't need to LIVE for our work. We can work a shorter amount of time, so that we can really LIVE.

We're all taking in the beauty of our world. Watching the flowers bloom and enjoying the sunsets. The fish are back in the Venice canals, there's bioluminescent water in California. Our air pollution is at an all time low.

Giving us time to be more creative..

and giving us the time to learn about things we’ve always been curious about.

Let’s not lose these things.

Let’s connect with ourselves and each other.

Come back to what really matters.

Take care of each other. Be compassionate. Be understanding. We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other.



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