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I like to think that I'm a healthy active person that works out pretty regularly. I am a human so there are definitely weeks where I just can't make it to class. I also have weeks where I'm feeling super strong and do something every day!

either way, I do my best to stay balanced and this is what it looks like on a perfect week.

I use this app called Classpass. This app is like having a membership to a bunch of different studios in one! I'm obsessed. I mostly love this app so much because I need variety. I absolutely hate doing the same workout over and over again. This makes it easy for me to do pilates, boxing, strength training, and yoga all in the same week!

My perfect workout week would look something like this.


Wake up early and go to a 9 or 9:30 yoga or pilates class. I like to start my week of with something that feels good. I love pilates and yoga because not only are you strengthening but you're also stretching and elongating your muscles.


This is a day off. That doesn't mean I'm not physical it just means that I'm not going to a class. so instead I will go on a walk or I'll play catch with Riker. or even just stretching in my living room lol, something simple.


I go hard on Wednesday. Were half way through the week and this is a good way to get out any stress or tension you might be holding on to. Wednesday I like to hit a strength circuit training class, boxing, or sculpt class. Something with high intensity and weights.


Same thing as Tuesday. Another off day but this one I'm usually a bit more so, a stretching session is the best! I also try to roll out a little longer on this day.


We're at the end of the week and this is where I can go either way. Depending on how my week went I'll either do a high-intensity class or a yoga/ pilates type class. It really just depends if I feel like I need a push or if I need to reset.

Saturday and Sunday:

It's the weekend. I don't put pressure on my self to work out over the weekend because I'm normally very active. I love to hike, or dance. Something that feels more like fun and less like a workout!

So there it is!

Thats what my perfect workout week looks like! I hope this gave you an idea on how to get started or at least motivated you to get on your workout kick!

Love you guys!



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