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At the end of summer in Los Angeles, things tend to heat up. I know this year been extra hot, but we keep getting stuck in the middle of these big heat waves. It was literally 104 degrees yesterday, and the thought of that ACTUALLY makes me want to cry.

I promise this blog isn't me just venting to you about how much I'm over the heat, and how badly I want to be able to start wearing sweaters... instead, I'm going to show you my little tricks on how to stay out of the heat and keep your wishful thinking of Fall. If you're anything like me, and you get really irritated by the heat this time of year, I promise you this stuff will definitely help!

1. Face Mist!

Always keep a face mist nearby. Whenever I start to heat up, no matter where I'm at, I'll whip out my little face mist and it automatically cools me down and leaves me feeling refreshed.

2. Hydration!!!

A giant water bottle is a must! Preferably, a Hydro Flask, if you want it to stay cold all day or longer but, if not, any large water bottle works.

3. A Fall Scented Candle.

You know what I'm talking about, Pumpkin, Caramel Apple, etc. This is just my wishful thinking for sure but... it definitely helps! I like to have a candle, that reminds me of Fall, burning so that I don't have to think about how hot it's going to be as soon as I step outside.

4. Harry Potter!! lol!

I'm not even joking! The past couple of years (I have no idea why) I've been reading Harry Potter books, to help me get in the spirit of Fall. I like reading in the morning with my coffee to help me wake up, and this Immediately puts me in a better mood!

5. What I Call Wishful Dressing.

This is when you wear clothes that obviously don't work with the weather. But, in this case, if you plan on being home in the AC all day...I say, "why the hell not!" I'll rock a sweater and shorts all day, if I don't have to leave the house!

So, those are a few tips on getting in the mood for Fall!! stop pouting about the heat like me!

Stay cool kids. Literally.



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