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Finally, it's almost Fall! This summer has been brutally hot in the Valley. I'm literally counting down the days for this cold weather. You guys have no idea how bad I want to cuddle up in a sweater and eat and drink pumpkin things!

In the past few weeks, I've been reflecting on my summer. And I've decided to make some new rules for myself to help me move forward with a more open mind.

1. I'm going to focus on what matters to me the most ( my relationship with my family and closest friends)

2. Stop comparing my self to other people, and letting in some more self-love.

3. If I want to do something, I'm going to make it happen. No more overthinking (referring to art, dance, travel, etc.)

Thoughts on Fashion...

I DO love an outfit that makes me feel put together. So, I want to dress up more this Fall than I normally would! I spend a lot of my time at home writing on my computer or painting. Which makes it super easy to stay in cuddly cozies all day. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love spending all day in my PJs but, when it happens too much you start to feel a little bit like a hobo... So, I'm making a point to get up and get ready at least 5 days of the week so I feel a little more accomplished and more confident! 

Thoughts on Food...

You guys know how much I love to cook! I have some really amazing cookbooks and Pinterest boards, but I feel myself falling into a habit of making the same few things over and over again. This Fall,  I want to step outside of my box a little more and make some things that aren't normally on the menu. I would love to incorporate more seasonal fruits and veggies, as well. In my opinion, food is much better when it's in season. We have access to most fruit and veggies year round now, so it's not uncommon for people to be making Spring dishes in the middle of Winter, and there's nothing wrong with that at all, but... I personally find the food to taste better when it's in season. Trust me, go try a peach right now and you'll understand.

Thoughts on Beauty...

I've noticed that normally in the Fall and Winter,  I tend to wear more makeup than I would in the Summer, because my tan fades. Something about a tan gives me a natural looking glow and clears up my skin. This Fall, I will be focusing more on my skincare and find ways to get a natural glow without having to be tan. Also, I'm doing my best to wear sunscreen every day on my face, even if I'm only going outside for a short time. 

Here's a little inspo board I made! 



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