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This ones for my Mom!

This weekend my Mom flew out to LA for a little trip. She’s newly vegan, so my goal was to make sure she got to try all my favorite vegan spots in Los Angeles!

On her first day here, I took her to Beverly Hills to try my all time favorite restaurant called Gratitude Kitchen. Some of you may have heard of Cafe Gratitude. It’s basically the new sister restaurant with a slightly different menu. Anyway, we went for brunch and the pancakes were freakin amazing!!

If you live in LA, you probably know of the Badass breakfast sandwich! If you haven’t it’s kinda stupid how good it is. This is probably the number one meal on this list! The restaurant is called Locali and it’s on Franklin. The sandwich to order is called the Badass breakfast sandwich and the name pretty much describes how amazing this breakfast sandwich is! Seriously, Riker would eat this sandwich everyday and he’s not even vegan! It’s basically a sweet sausage spicy mayo McMuffin. If you’re in Los Angeles, I highly recommend giving it a try!

The next spot we hit was a sweet stop! I’m sure most of you have heard of Pressed Juicery. Well, some of the locations do this thing called the pressed juice freeze and it’s soft serve, but it’s made out of nuts and fruits, so there is no dairy in it! I always get a vanilla chocolate swirl topped with coconut, blueberries and cacao sauce! So damn good!

Our last stop, is this restaurant called Gracias Madre. It’s a fully vegan Mexican restaurant. Now Mexican food is probably the hardest style of food to eat as a vegan , so I think this place is pretty cool. I had the enchiladas and my mom had the chimichanga! The ambiance of this place is really cool and the cocktails are exceptional!



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