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We are officially one month out from the wedding!

Almost exactly one year ago this week, Riker proposed to me! It was one of the most magical days, it literally felt like I was in a dream. I remember that night waking up. around midnight, surrounded by buckets of flower from our family's,and Riker, and having a moment where It finally hit me that I was engaged to the love of my life. My ring was shining in the moonlight and I started to cry. I was so overwhelmed with all the love that I had to let it out, lol. I remember trying to wake up Riker...I was like "Babe, we're engaged!" He said, "I know, lol Let me sleep." Haha, It's so funny how things sometimes don't hit you, until after the fact!

A part of me, feels like that is what's going to happen with the wedding.

All I want for that day, is to wake up and be one hundred percent present and in the moment. I don't want to look back and feel like I don't really remember it.

Weddings are such a crazy thing, it can be so easy to get caught up in the party planning of it, with the outfits and how it's going to look, and who's going to be there, that I can see how it would be easy to let the most important part slip away. The most important part, is the ceremony of you and your love coming together, in every way humanly possible. The family and friends that come to support you, and shower you with love, is a little extra magic, and then the party and celebration should be a given!

Wow, I am just getting so excited. I'm sorry if I'm rambling and this isn't making any sense, but I'm just writing down everything that's running in my head right now.

Thinking about this is making me feel so full of love right now, I can't even explain it!

I'm so grateful!

I can't wait to share with you the big day!!!



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