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Last weekend, Riker and I, threw our first of two engagement parties. I know it sounds so extra but I promise it makes sense.

This first party was for friends and family that live in LA. Being that me and Riker grew up in Denver, not everyone could make the LA party so... We decided to have two, lol!

Our first party was absolutely amazing! We had it in Stormie and Mark's backyard (Riker's parent's house) and it was a Tiki theme. So we had Hawaiian Inspired food like Pineapples, Hawaiian pizza, and popsicles. We got leis for everyone who walked through the door. Riker made a Tiki punch with his favorite Nat Kidder vodka and I got a bunch of One Hope champagne!

The entire backyard was covered in Island flowers and palms, that I picked up downtown at the flower market. We had lights strung all around the yard and there were candles on every table.

Our photo wall, I made from scratch with gold floor length fringe and surrounded it with balloons and flowers! Everyone was taking Polaroids in front of it and leaving them for me and Riker to keep in our photo album!


It was the best night! ... Filled with so many great memories! I can't wait for the Colorado version. lol!



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