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How to dress Fall in Cali.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the fashion trends. But, it's hard to dress how you want to dress in the Fall ,when you have warmer California weather.

The struggle is SO real. You guys probably think I'm being a little over dramatic but, I grew up in Denver, Colorado, where at this time of year it is probably already snowing.

Meanwhile, I'm out her trying to feel the Fall Halloween vibes and its like 100 degrees outside... literally!

So, I guess this post works for anyone in a warm place around the Fall season.

My first year living in Cali was such a struggle because I would wake up and not think about what the weather was going to be like outside. So, I would throw on like a cute Fall sweater and some jeans and by the time it hit noon I had already melted and was ready for a nap, because of the heat. That was sadly not the only time thats happened to me. Apparently, I'm just too stubborn and was trying to force the weather to change.

Overtime, I learned that maybe you can pull off a trendy Fall look, without actually having to bake in heat.

I figured out that a denim skirt is a lot cooler than jeans and a cropped sweater definitely makes a huge difference over wearing a full length hoodie.

I found my skirt from Pacsun and my sweater from a flea market on Melrose.

My lipstick is from Wet and Wild and my necklace is from Brook & York!

Brook & York is doing a huge giveaway right now, if you go to my insta you can enter!

I linked a little outfit like mine below so you can shop the Cali fall look!

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Love you!


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