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This might seem like a random blog post... but I get this question A LOT!

Apparently, everyones having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep.

To be completely honest, I feel like I would too, but my husbands obsessed with biohackers and is constantly researching new ways to help us get better rest!

So heres a few tips I've learned over the past few years, that work for me!


I'm the WORST at this!

Riker always giving me swannies (the orange glasses he's usually wearing at night) when the sun goes down, to protect me from all the blue light if I'm still on my phone or computer. I know it may sounds silly at first, but if you really try to get off your phone, two hours or more before going to bed, I promise you your mind will stop raising, so you'll fall asleep a lot easier.


Swannies definitely help, if you like watching TV before you go to bed. I normally put mine on when the sun goes down. They have a few different levels, so Riker will put on the lighter orange ones around when the sun is about to set and then a few hours before bed he switched to his crazy intense red ones. They're called True Darks!


some people love white noise, some people like bed time stories, some people want it completely silent, and some people, like me, don't really care. I've tried it all and the two things that made me pass out right away, were the Sleep With Me Podcast and the Headspace bed time stories. I think it has something to do with the boring stories that make you fall asleep quicker. This might totally just be a personal preference but I would definitely give it a shot, if you're having a hard time sleeping.


This probably sounds so crazy and like it would do just the opposite of helping you fall asleep, but I promise it works!

There's this thing called the sleep induction mat and it's covered in a bunch of little spikes. When you lay on it... it does something that makes you calm down and you'll fall asleep so fast! To learn more about the science click this link HERE. The one thing I will say... is try to remember to take it out from under you BEFORE you fall completely asleep. If you don't, you'll probably wake up in the morning with really big imprint on your back lol.

So I'm obviously no scientist or anything... but these are some of the things I do, when I need to have a good nights rest.

Let me know if anything works for you!!



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