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Growing up in a Dance studio, my mother would often say, "Share don't Show". She would say this, usually before a big competition, and we would be getting ready to go on stage to perform. Most of the time, there would be a handful of people that were extremely nervous to get on stage and so, my mom, being the amazing coach that she is, would tell them to relax and trust their training. Go on stage and SHARE with everyone how amazing you are! You've put the work in, and if you haven't, there's really nothing you can do at this point, so just go out and share your love for dance. I know this was something that really helped everyone do their best and it's something that always stuck with me as I got older. Instead of going out and having to prove something, you could just go as you are, it really takes away the stress of any competition!!

So,I've been thinking about this saying a lot over the past couple months and I've been trying to implement it into my work and my day to day life. One of the biggest changes, I've noticed, is in the way I treat my Instagram.

Instagram was originally created to keep people connected and to share photos of important, interesting, beautiful moments in your friends and families lives. Over time, I feel like this quality has faded into something that people are trying to show instead of share. If you aren't a blogger, Influencer, Insta model or whatever you want to call it, I'm sure you've heard a lot about how staged a lot of their photos are, and sadly the majority of the time you're correct.

The thing about showing off, is that it isn't very fulfilling. And I'm not saying that every influencer you follow is this way but, I know a lot of them will stage photo shoots to create a certain lifestyle look that may not be authentic to how they actually live their day to day lives.

I think its great to share with people things that you think are beautiful or moments that are special to you but, you should be doing it because it feels good to you. And it shouldn't be something you have to try too hard at. If it's authentic, it will be easy. The truth is, sometimes things aren't beautiful, sometimes things are hard or sad and that's ok too!

So...going into this new year, try to SHARE the good in your life and show (try) less.



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