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Recently I’ve been wanting to redo my office for many reasons... Me and my boyfriend share a home office space which is really fun because we get to work together but, also a little frustrating at times. We create a lot of clutter with packages, instruments and cameras.

I’m the type of person that can’t really be creative or productive when I’m distracted by clutter. So after a full year of living in this small jam packed office I’m finally getting a chance to redecorate and reorganize.

so here’s how I’m planning on making our tiny shared office cute but still clean and organized.

First of all I’m selling a lot of the furniture that’s in our office on Facebook. When you move in with someone you’ll notice that you’re furniture won’t match up right so, once I sell everything and I’ll be useing that money to buy a new desk and drawers for the new office. I picked all white for the furniture so that the space feels bigger and clean. Something about an all white room helps me feel like my mind has more space to create.

The rug that I want to use in the office is in our living room right now so I’ll have to find a new one for out there before we move it into the office.

The plants I’m going to buy will most likely be from my neighborhood nursery. I’ll probably get a larger palm plant or a fiddle leaf fig like the one I linked here for you. I definitely want a real plan though.

Here’s a list of my furniture I’ll be buying and some inspo for the art work. Let me know if you have any questions!

Once I finish the space I will do a follow up blog with all of my exact links to furniture,art work, etc.

I can’t wait to see the finished product



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