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It's April!! This is one of my favorite months in the year and it's not just because it's my birthday month!

I love Spring in California, because you can really start wearing fun dresses and skirts and obviously bikinis, but I told you all about my favorite bikinis a couple weeks ago... so here are some of my other favs this month!!

Spring is a great time of year to start doing fun outdoor activities, like hiking and going to the beach/pool or whatever you have access to. But, It's so easy to get dehydrated because you're having so much fun! So it's important to stay Hydrated. I'm loving these Flow waters because they have natural electrolytes and minerals, plus the bottle is 100% recyclable! You can shop them Here!

I know I recently posted about my new bag from New Vintage Handbags but I'm SO obsessed. I love that they take real vintage bags and they can customize it for you. This is a great birthday present for someone! You can customize your own bag here!

As you may already know I practically live in skirts and dresses. I'm not big on pants unless they're jeans. This Victoria skirt from Lovers + Friends is my favorite skirt right now! You can shop it on Revolve. Here's the direct link for you!

And last but definitely not least, I'm LOVING this serum from Hora. They sent this to me a few weeks ago and I wasn't so sure about it until I got this gnarly zit on my chin, lol. I used the CBD serum as a spot treatment and my zit went away practically over night!! So, obviously i'm obsessed now. You can shop this serum here.

That's it for my April Favorites! I hope you get a chance to try out at least one of these magical things!

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