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I absolutely LOVE to cook and me and my boyfriend really prefer to eat healthy but, as you may already know a lot of healthy recipes are fairly time consuming. Here's one of my go to's after a long day when you just want to eat a home cooked meal.


2 chicken breast

3 garlic cloves

zucchini noodles

cherry tomatoes




olive oil

Emril's seasoning

dried garlic

salt & pepper


1. Put chicken breasts into a large skillet with olive oil and turn the heat to medium. Season the chicken with salt, pepper, Emril's, garlic salt or dried garlic.

2. chop 2 or 3 large garlic cloves into chunks. Add the garlic and the butter to the pan.

3. Chop cherry tomatoes into four slices and set aside.

4. When the chicken looks mostly cooked add the zucchini noodles to the skillet. Mix together then add in cherry, 3 heaping spoons of pesto and freshly grated parmesan. Carefully mix all together and add extra seasoning if needed.

5. Make sure your chicken is all the way cooked through and then serve with fresh parmesan on top!


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