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Hey guys!

I hope your having a lovely Friday and if your not, here's a little OOTD inspo to cheer you up!

I spent this week staying up really late and waking up so exhausted, unmotivated, and not wanting to get ready for the day.

This is one of my least favorite feelings in the world. I hate starting my day off feeling rushed. It's fun to go out with your friends and stay up late, but this makes it very hard to have a good start to your day and give yourself time to get ready.

So I'm going to show you guys how I pull my shit together on mornings like this!

I'll be linking all these Items at the bottom of the page so you can shop what you liked!


I like to start off by saying that you can make ANYTHING look more put together by adding lipstick and some cute boot heels.

Throwing on a pair of jeans just makes life WAY easier.

I have two "go-to" pairs of jeans that I know I can throw on with pretty much anything. One black pair from Madewell and this lighter pair of denim Wranglers. I highly suggest investing in some good quality jeans. It really does make a difference. They'll last you forever and you'll probably fall in love with them.

I got this cute little pajama looking polka dot shirt from Forever 21. I think it was like $10 and its so comfy.

Last but not least, I topped the entire outfit off with this cute little red purse I got at the Rose Bowl flea market. It just happened to match my lips perfectly :)

I hope you guys liked this little OOTD! Heres the link to all the clothes and makeup in this post!

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Love you guys!

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