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'Tis the season to be jolly and host a killer party!

Here's your To Do list!

2 Weeks Before;

- Make a cute flyer. Don't forget to include the date, time, address, name of your party, if you want it to be BYOB. (I use​ Canva)

- Think about if you want it to be a party with dinner or just appetizers. ( I suggest appetizers, only if you have more than 8 people coming over)

-Think about what you want to make for food/appetizers and drinks!

The Week Of;

- Decorate the house. Get a wreath, garlands, cute little things for the tables, etc.

- Try out the cocktails you plan on making and make sure they're actually good.

- Send out any last min invites!

The Day Before;

- Pick out your outfit

- If your making dinner, meal prep, so you don't have to do all the work tomorrow.

The Morning Of;

- Put champagne, rosé, white wine in the fridge. (always have something chilling)

- Get flowers for the tables.

- Make space for people's coats and bags.

- Pre set your serving dishes.

30 min Before;

- Light candles

- Dim lights for ambiance.

- Crack windows, so it won't get stuffy if you have a lot of people coming

- Make sure all the apps are out

- Freshen up (hair, make up, etc)

- Make sure you have a spot for people to put booze if its BYOB.

When The Party Starts;

-Always get your guests drinks first!

-Relax and have fun!

-If you're serving dinner, wait about 30 min before serving

Hope this helps!



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