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Last weekend, I was at Beautycon, which is one of my favorite weekends of the year! Basically, you spend two full days trying new makeup and skincare products,and of course, both days, my makeup was super full out! Also, any sort of convention situation where there's over 100 people for two days, I usually get sick by the end of it. Too much stimulation I guess,haha. So now that I'm back to reality, I feel like my skin needs a break from makeup and a little extra love with my skincare routine. So this is my skincare routine for the next week to help revitalise my skin!


1.Cleanse my face with my Glowspin (you can shop here. Use my code Vanni70 for 70% off!). I've been loving the Farmacy cleanser recently.

2. Put on Serums (whatever your skin needs, vitamin C, anti aging, etc) and roll my skin out with my Angela Caglia rose quartz roller ( you can shop the roller here.Use my code SAVANNAH20 for 20% OFF!)

3. I like to let the serums sit in while I make my coffee. Then, I put on a good light lotion. Today, I used the Orogold lotion.

Post morning workout

1. Cleanse my face again!

2. Apply spot treatment serum to any zits. I love to use the Hora CBD serum for spot treatment. It works like a charm!

Before bed

1. Cleanse face with Glowspin again!

2. Hydrating facemask while I watch my show, or If I'm exhausted,I'll just put on the Leneige Sleeping mask!

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