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YAY!! Its finally Spring!!! My favorite time of year!!

Right now in Cali its still really rainy and cold so I haven't had a chance to wear any of my new bikinis yet. But, usually this is the time of year where I can start to eat fruit with Tajin for every meal, drink margaritas, and basically live in my bikini. Fingers crossed it stops raining soon!

I just got my first few swimsuits for this Spring this week! I have a few one pieces, which I usually don't wear much of, but It's still a little chilly at this time of year in California, so I figured it was fitting! And a couple two pieces that I'm obsessed with!

Two of my one pieces are from Peony Swimwear, you can get them on Revolve. They both have really great structure, so it hugs your body really nicely. That's usually why I don't like one pieces, because when you're curvy, it doesn't go in at your hips but, Peony is perfect for that!

The other one piece I got is from Solids and Stripes! I love this one so much!! It totally has an 80s vibe to it! I feel like my Mom might have had something like it! I just love how funky it is and how different! Nobody is going to have a suit like this! And...if you go to the Solids and Stripes site they have a bunch of different colors!

My Two favorite bikinis are from SNRKLBR swimwear. I love how supportive the tops are. For a girl with big boobs that still wants to rock an itty bitty bikini SRKLBR's got your back. Also love how flattering the bottoms fit. Plus the bikinis come with a matching scrunchy! How cute is that!! I'm obviously obsessed!

Happy spring babes!



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