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Los Angeles at this time of year, is the ABSOLUTE best! The middle of January is usually when I started to hate the cold weather when I lived in Colorado. The cold weather and snow is fun when you know the holidays are coming up, because you can stay in to cuddle and drink hot cocoa while watching movies, or you can drive around the neighborhood to see all the Christmas lights. But, when mid-January comes along, I feel like all the fun is over and now its just freezing!

This is why I LOVE living in LA. It's mid-January and I'm strolling down the street in my Madewell jean shorts and a cropped sweater from Jack by BB Dakota.

Photo by: Eric Schloesser
Photo by: Eric Schloesser
Photo by: Eric Schloesser

Since nobody really just walks around on the street in LA, its pretty easy to wear boot heels! I got mine from Forever21 and surprisingly enough I also got my purse from Forever21 as well!

(boot heels and bag!)

Photo by: Eric Schloesser

Love you guys!



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