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The Mondrian Hotel does this thing every Monday night where you can go to the Skybar (their rooftop lounge) and watch a movie.

Me and Chelsea went this last week to go see the classic 90's flick ,"Clueless"!

This is honestly one of the best nights I've ever had with my sister in a while! It would be an amazing date night as well!

Watching a movie with this beautiful view of the city behind you and the smell of the pool chlorine in the air! That's kind of a perfect night if you ask me.

It's a really cool experience and if you ever get the chance you should definitely go check it out!

Last night I wore my black zip up cardigan shirt from Forever 21 to keep warm with my polkadot ruffle skirt from Topshop.

My shoes are plain white Converse and my jewelry is all from Shashi!

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