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Right around where I live, there's this cute little French café called Nésmon Café.

Me and my sister go there all the time to work, catch up on life, eat crépes and drink a lot of coffee.

There's something about the atmosphere that really takes me back to France. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the owner is from France and still prepares a lot of the food.

Anyways, I love going here and if you're ever in the Valley you should check it out!

Here's my #OOTD.

I wore a little black polkadot dress from Simplee. I believe I actually bought it on Borrowed By Design. I found the exact link so you can get it below.

It's one of my new favorite dresses. Its so easy to throw on.

I wore my little dress with my black wedges from Viscata. They're a small shoe company from Barcelona. Everything they make is recyclable so that means it's really good for our environment and you will be making a smaller carbon footprint! Also, they are very comfortable shoes. I definitely recommend checking out their brand if you haven't already!

Shop the look!

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