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There's only two rules when showing up to a girls night in...

1. Wear something soft and comfy.

2. Never show up empty handed.

Last night was one of the best girls nights I've had in awhile. I love going out with my girls, but nothing beats hanging around in your cozies, watching movies and drinking wine.

I just found this little gray pajama set from Forever 21, about a week ago, and I'm absolutely in love with how soft it is! Plus, it was super cheap, so I had to ;)

My mom always taught me that whenever someone invites you over to their house you should always bring some sort of gift with you... Such as flowers, chocolates, or in my case, wine :)

I pretty much always bring over a bottle of Rosé. Miraval is by far one of my favorites. It's not the cheapest bottle of wine, but its definitely worth it, in my opinion.

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